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Vice Chairman


College Education is the cornerstone for all succeeding endeavors in a students’ career. We are strongly committed to propel every student of our institution from the domain of theories to real-world applications. In our campus, the stage is well set for this to happen by way of promoting freedom of thought, self-assessment and innovation through creative thinking. These acquired skills goes a long way in assisting our students accomplish their academic excellence. There is no quick fix solution or overnight formula for success. To attain your goals, you need clarity and passion to be successful. It is those who persevere generally end up winners! Our educational approach seeks to develop the whole person – building skills, knowledge and confidence. We aim to provide a conductive environment and a better learning experience which enables you, to achieve your full potential. I beckon every prospective student to become liable citizens and make their parents, institute and the nation proud. It was only natural to give M.I.E.T, the look and feel of a more complete academic environment and we have ensured that with the development of the Science and Technological studies in recent years. I am sure that with our collective vision, we will accomplish the enshrined goals through dynamic, participative and scholarly academic inputs duly complemented by collaborative deployment of professionals of high repute and caliber. The M.I.E.T will unquestionably serve as a cradle of innovation and research to facilitate this.

I invite you to experience our unparalleled offering to create the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Dr. M. Y. Abdul Jaleel, B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D
Vice Chairman
M.I.E.T Institutions