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The Department of Master of Computer Applications was started in the year 1995 and now the intake is 60 students. This course is affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Trichy, Tamil Nadu. The department offers both Regular Stream (duration : 3 years) and Lateral Entry Stream (duration : 2 years) is exclusively for B.Sc. (CS), BCA and B.Sc.(I.T). Our department has well trained faculties and equipped laboratories to meet global challenges in the field of Computer Science. The department has been producing good results continuously in most of the University Semester Examinations from the first batch.  Some of our students have got University ranks. Students exposure to real world is improved by encouraging them to participate in various symposiums held on other colleges. The department frequently invites resource persons from top IT corporate to conduct seminars, workshops and guest lecturers that facilitate the students to enrich their knowledge with the latest technologies that stand in the field of Information Technology. Students are assisted to get main project Internship with placement.       Also most of our students are placed well in reputed top IT companies in various parts of the world.

Vision & Mission

MCA is an outstanding department contributing significantly to teaching, research and consultancy, through well equipped laboratories and well trained staff to meet global challenges in the field of Computer Applications. Imparting quality technical education and providing skills in Computer Application through best of practices. Producing graduates who can contribute professionally to the society and widely as IT professionals or entrepreneurs.




Designation Assistant Professor and Head
Joining Date 12.11.2008
Qualification MCA.,M.Phil.,
Nature of association Regular
Experience (in Years) 15 Years 
Email id sibimiet@gmail.com



Designation Assistant Professor 
Joining Date 14.06.2017
Qualification MCA.,M.Phil.,ME.,
Nature of association Regular
Experience (in Years) 06 Years 
Email id ss7433@gmail.com



Designation Assistant Professor 
Joining Date 25.10.2021
Qualification Msc.,M.Phil.,
Nature of association Regular
Experience (in Years) 02 Years 
Email id zakir0605@gmail.com



Designation Assistant Professor 
Joining Date 17.07.2023
Qualification Msc.C.S.,
Nature of association Regular
Experience (in Years) 07 Months 
Email id gowthamkishore2428@gmail.com



Designation Assistant Professor
Joining Date 02.06.2011
Qualification Msc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,
Nature of association Regular
Experience (in Years) 12 Years
Email id srinisasisv@gmail.com



Designation Assistant Professor
Joining Date 14.06.2019
Qualification Msc.,M.Phil.,P.Hd.,
Nature of association Regular
Experience (in Years) 04 Years
Email id kthamujj@gmail.com



Designation Assistant Professor
Joining Date 18.02.2022
Qualification Msc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,
Nature of association Regular
Experience (in Years) 02 Years
Email id priyaraji1211@gmail.com

Head & Assistant Professor
Email Id : sibimiet@gmail.com
Mobile : 9443247377


Major Research Area

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Big data analytics
  • Computer Networks
  • Network Security


Name University Year


1. Dr. K.Thamodaran Alagappa University 2014 Optimized Image security mechanism for content management


Name Designation Status

Area of research

1. K. Makesh Babu Asst. Prof Pursuing Data Profiling


S.No. Name International Conferences 
1. Dr.K.Thamodaran 1.      “Optimized Partial Image Encryption Scheme Using PSO”, Proceedings of IEEE – International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Informatics and Medical Engineering, (PRIME-2012) organized by Periyar University, Salem, Tamilnadu, India, pp 236-241, March 21-23, 2012 (ISBN: 978-1-4673-1039-0).

2.      “Optimized Image Watermarking Scheme Based  On  PSO”, Proceedings of ELSEVIER – International Conference on Modeling Optimization and Computing (ICMOC-2012) organized by Noorul Islam University, Thukkalai, Tamilnadu, India, Vol 38, pp 493-503, April 10-11, 2012. (ISBN: 1877-7058).

3.      “PSO Based Optimized Security Scheme For Image Authentication and Tamper Proofing”, AIRCC Second International Conference on Signal, Image Processing  and Pattern Recognition(SPPR2013), AIRCC Computer Science & Information Technology (CS & IT) proceeding (CSCP2013),  pp143-152, May 2013. (ISBN: 2231-5403).

2 K.Mahesh Babu Validationg a Bigdata Environment using various data profiling analysis,IJSTR,VOL8, ISSUE 10

OCT 2019, ISSN 2277 – 8616




National Conferences

1. Dr.K.Thamodaran 1.      “Hybrid Image Security Mechanism For Image Authentication and Copyright Protection”, Ninth National Tamil Conference  at  Alagappa  University, Karaikudi, pp 310, September 2009 (ISBN : 978-93-80043-33-3).

2.      “Mathematical Concepts In Image Encryption Techniques”, National Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics and its Applications at Alagappa University, Karaikudi, December 2010.

3.      “Integration of Technology with Education – Opportunities and Challenges”, National Seminar on Integrating Technology with Education at Alagappa University, Karaikudi, on 25th and 26th , March 2011

2. B. Menaka Image processing-2012, JMC College, Trichy-20





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