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ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT                                       

The Department of Commerce was established in the year 1994 and the Post Graduate Course was progressed in the year 2004 and 2005 and 2018 respectively. As per the University rules the total intake of this department is UG 180 students and PG 30 students Every batch of students. M.Phil and Ph.D programme was started in the year 2016 has been successful in academic and co-curricular activities. Our department has dedicated staff members who are experienced in the field of Commerce. The department has infrastructure to offer quality education and training. Faculty involved as resource persons in International &National conferences / seminars and Acted as evaluators and examiners for awarding Ph.D. / M.Phil. The department with experienced faculty could offer quality education. It produces more than 90% result ever year. Seminars/workshops for students and faculty to update their field of study. Application of accounting knowledge with Tally package offer to the student. Special guest lecturer in the prominent area of commerce is provided regularly to the student. Extra classes for Income Tax & Sales Tax. Use of upgraded technology in teaching methodology. Innovative teaching/ learning process through seminars/ projects/ field study.


To be a front runner in providing refined education system to create visionary professionals and entrepreneurs enriched with innovation and leadership through integration of teaching and learning, advancement of knowledge, education and research fostering an equitable and productive growth in the complex global society.


To promote the success of our students and the community through innovative and flexible learning opportunities resulting in all round development with ability to excel in dynamic global society.

To empower all the students to lead productive lives and become contributing members of the community by applying their acquired knowledge and skills.

To be the centre of excellence for creating holistic citizens inculcated with ethical, moral and social values in diverse culture.

To help prepare outstanding educators and research scholars through advancement in the profession of education focusing on innovative practices and sustainable development programs.

Generating and providing resources and facilities to the faculty and the students for generating innovative ideas.

Creating an urge in students to take up entrepreneurship in order to be successful by standing on their feet instead of being dependent on others.

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Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

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  1. Finance
  2. Human Resources Management
  3. Marketing

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Dr. M. Abdul Kareem          Head of the Department / Associate Professor Jamal Mohamed College Trichy/ Bharathidasan University




Dr. G.A.Venkatesan     Associate Professor National College Trichy/ Bharathidasan University




Dr.T. Muthukumar       Assistant Professor Jamal Mohamed College Trichy / Bharathidasan University




Dr.C Ananth

Assistant Professor

National College Trichy / Bharathidasan University 2018
5 Dr.P.Jerina Begam    Assistant Professor Jamal Mohamed College Trichy/ Bharathidasan University


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1 T. Sangeetha Assistant Professor Synopsis Submitted
2 C. Geetha Assistant Professor Course work completed
3 M. Chitra Devi Assistant Professor Course work completed
4 J. Syed Meeran Assistant Professor Applied

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Dr. M. Abdul Kareem

Head of the Department

Associate Professor






Dr. G.A.Venkatesan/

Associate Professor

Bharathidasan 10372/ Ph.D.k4/commerce/R.A.


3 Dr.T.Muthukumar/

Assistant Professor

Bharathidasan 20575/M.phil/RA/Commerce/2019/


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1 Dr.M.ABDUL KAREEM 1.Passagers Satisfaction in Southern Railway Special Reference to Trichy Division

2.A Study on Railway Services In Madurai Division


3.A Study on Employees Retention Strategies of Manufacturing Companies In Trichy, Tamilnadu

2 Dr .G.A.VENKATESAN 1.Comparative Study on Job Satisfaction of Public And Pvt Sector Banking Employees With Special Reference to Trichy District

2. .A Study on Utilization of Product of Life Insurance Corporation of India   By Policy Holders With Reference to Trichy Dt

3. A Study on Attitude of  The Policyholders Towards Services of Life Insurance Corporation of India

3 J.SYED MEERAN Modern Islamic Banking To Finance Composition And Bankruptcy Risk Revelation Of Islamic Bank
4 T.SANGEETHA A Study On Consumer Brand Preference With Regard To Refrigerator, Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy.
5 C.GEETHA 1. Profitability Analysis Of Public Sector Companies In India.

2. Technical Analysis Of Share Price Movement With Special Reference To Public Sector Companies, Internationals Of Research And Analytical.

6 Dr.T.MUTHU KUMAR 1.Patients Satisfaction Towards Information And Communication Technology Enabled Services In Hospitals – Contemporary Issues And Challenges Of Indian Business In Global Scenario – Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy, Tamilnadu – 13th & 14th February 2013- Isbn: 978-93-81521-28-1

2.Impact Of Operation Of Business Process Outsourcing Services In Rural Areas – On Globalization Impact, Challenges & Opportunities – St.Joseph’s College Of Arts & Science, Cuddalore, Tamilnadu -14th & 15th March 2008.

3.Hrm Practices Of Public And Private Sector Banks – Hrm In The Era Of Global Mobility – Kongunadu Arts & Science College, Coimbaore, Tamilnadu – 18th July 2012.

4.Women Entrepreneurs And Shg’s – International Challenges Of Global Entrepreneurship In The 21st Century – Bon Secours College For Women, Thanjuar, Tamilnadu – 30, & 31st August

7 Dr.C.ANAND 1) Quality Of Work Life Among Employees In Cethar Ltd, ISSN: 2349 705x,International Research Journal Of Commerce And Law.

2)Hr Practices Before And After Mncs In India International Journal Of Management And Social Science, ISSN: 2321-1784.

8 M.CHITRA DEVI The Impact Of Human Resource Management On Service Excellence Of Hospitals

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1 Dr.M.ABDUL KAREEM Problems in Southern Railway
2 Dr G.A.VENKATESAN Swot Analysis of  Life Insurance Corporation in India – Overview
3 J.SYED MEERAN Modern Islamic Banking to Finance Composition And Bankruppcy Risk Revelation of Islamic Bank
4 P.JARINA BEGAM Quality of Worklife Among the Workers in Sipcot Units
5 T.SANGEETHA Inflation, Jamal Mohamed College.
6 C.GEETHA 1. An Impact of Intermediaries Behaviour on Customer Satisfaction in  Indian Sector Banks

2. A Study on Job Satisfaction Employees in Service Sector.

7 Dr.T.MUTHU KUMAR 1.Role of Green Banking in Environmental Protection – Recent Trends in Indian Economy: A Management Perspective – Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy, Tamilnadu – 4the February 2011 – Isbn 978-93-80394-18-3

2. Talent Management: The Need of The Hour – The Dynamics of Management: The Plus Factors – St.Joseph’s College, Trichy, Tamilnadu – 9th & 10th March 2011 – Isbn 978-81-920622-0-7

3.A Study on  Factors Affecting on Women Entrepreneurs With Special Reference to Pudukottai District, Tamilnadu – Msmes in India: Challenges & Opportunities – Bharathidasan University Constituent Arts & Science College, Trichy, Tamilnadu – 11th March 2016

4.Knowledge Crisis in The World of Science and Technologies – Academic Amalgamation Bringing Techno – Scientific and Social Science Academicians Together on The Changing Academic Dimensions – Department of History, Bharathidasan University, Trichy – 17th & 18th February 2011

5. Csr – Integrated Csr Into Hrm – Corporate Social Responsibility – Issues & Challenges In India – Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy, Tamilnadu – 29th January 2014

8 Dr.C.ANAND Quality Of Work Life Among Employees In Bhe Isbn: 978-81-922545-7-9

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1 Dr.M.ABDUL KAREEM 1.A Study On “Problems In Southern Railway Services” Is Published In International Journal Problems And Prospects Of Service Sector In India Isbn:978-93-81521-19-9.

2. “An Analysis Of Southern Railway Services With Special References To Tiruchirappalli Division” Is Published In International Journal Research Explorer The Edited Volume Of Book With ISSN 225-194, November 2013, Volume-Ii Special Issue.

3. A Study On “Technological Development In Southern Railways Services” Is Published In International Journal Of Management And Technology Special Issue. Volume-Iii With ISSN- 975-3915, Feb 2014.

2 Dr G.A.VENKATESAN 1. Performance Of Lic After Intervention By Pvt Insurance  Companies

2. A Study On  Utilisation Of Product

3 T.SANGEETHA Consumer Brand Preference Of Refrigerator Among Working Women In Trichirapalli Town. ISSN:2395-1052
4 C.GEETHA 1. A Study On “Profitability Analysis Of Public Sector Companies In India” Is Published In International Conference On Emerging Trends In Management, Commerce, Education And Economics. ISSN 2348-1919.

2. Technical Analysis Of Share Price Movement With Special Reference To Public Sector Companies, Internationals Of Research And Analyticl Reviews – ISSN No:2348-1269

5 Dr.T.MUTHU KUMAR 1. Employee Retention Strategies In Software Companies With Special Reference To Chennai. The Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal(Oiirj) ISSN Number 22409599, -2249-9598,.Bi-Monthly, Vol.09, Feb-2019 Special Issue (04)

2. The Causes Of Passenger Satisfaction In Conductor-Less Bus Services In Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation With Ration (Tnstc) Ltd, Special Reference To Trichirappalli Bus Terminals- International Journal Of Scientific Research In Computer Science Applications And Management Studies. Ijsrcsams Volume 8, Issue 1(January 2019) Www.Ijsrcsams.Com.

3. Study On Training And Development Programme Of Employee Performance Of Selected Bpo Centers In Trichy District – Research Review International Journal Of Multidisciplinary, Special Issue, September-2018, ISSN 2455-3085(Online) Www.Rrjournals.Com

4. Challenges Of Digital Innovation In Banking Sector On Analysis Of Employees Job Security With Special Reference To Trichirappalli District, Tamilnadu – Journal Of Emerging Technologies And Innovative Research. An International Open Access Journal Www.Jetr.Org ISSN: 2349-5162.November 2018, Volume 5, Issue11.

5. Global Financial Crisis And Its Impact On Indian Economy – An Analysis And Perception – International Journal Of Current Research, Vol.4, Issue 05, Pp.202-205, May 2012. ISSN: 0975-833x. Website: Www.Journalcra.Com

6. Marketability Of Religious Tourism – An Empirical Study With Reference To Selected Destination At Tiruchirappali, South Tamilnadu, India – African Journal Of Science And Research ,2012, 1(1): 25-29 ISSN: 2306-5877 Website: Http://Ajsronline.Com/

7. Measuring User Satisfaction: A Case Study Of Self-Financing Arts And Science College Libraries Of Trichirappalli District – Indo-African Journal Of Educational Research, 2013, 1(2): 09-11   ISSN: 2308-2100 Website:   Http://Iajer.Rstpublishers.Com

8. Human Resource Management Practices And Employees’ Satisfaction Towards Bpo Sector In Chennai – Indian Streams Research Journal, Impact Factor: 3.1560(Uif), Vol 5 Issue 6 July 2015, ISSN No: 2230-7850. Website: Www.Isrj.Org

9. A Study On Human Resource Practices And Its Impact On Employees Satisfaction With Special Reference To Bpo’s Employees At Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu – Review Of Research Journal, Impact Factor: 3.1402(Uif) Volume-4, Issue-7, April-2015, ISSN: 2249-894x, Website:  Www.Ror.Isrj.Org

10. A Study On Socio – Economic Condition Of Srilankan Refugees At Valavanthan Kottai Refugees Camps At Trichy District, Tamil Nadu – North Asian International Research Journal Of Multidisciplinary, Vol. 1, Issue 3 August 2015, ISSN: 2454 – 2326, Website: : www.Nairjc.Com

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1. J.SYED MEERAN Dr. M. Abdul Kareem Applied
2. M.SATHYA Dr. M. Abdul Kareem Applied
3. C.M.KRISHNAKUMAR Dr. G.A.Venkatesan Applied
4. L.RENUKA DEVI Dr. G.A.Venkatesan Applied



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