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In 1984 MIET Institution constructed a small mosque. Due to increase of the strength already existed mosque was not sufficient for prayer. So our Chairman decided to build a new mosque in larger size with all facilities, nearly 2500 peoples can pray at a time.

In 06th September 2013, Honorable Chief Judge F.M. IBRAHIM KALIFULLAH,  Supreme Court, Delhi opened our new mosque and Honorable chief Judge M.Y.IQBAL,    Supreme Court, Delhi opened our college mosque library. In this library more than 930 Islamic related books are available.

In mosque every day we conduct 5 times prayer through the Imam. In evening times we teach the students to read Quran.

During Ramzan month we conduct night prayers (Tharafik) and also we arrange Ifthar and Sahar to the students.

MIET Institution created an environment for teaching both Academic and Islamic course to the students.  May Allah guide to continue this service.