M.Sc. (Computer Science)

About the Department

The college is one among the leading institutions imparting quality computer education from 1994. The Department offers M.Sc(Computer Science) which was established in the year 2004. As per the University rules the total intake of this department is 30 students. The teaching methodology adopted comprises class room/ Practical sessions, Seminars and guest lecture with well qualified faculty, extensive computing facilities and a full-fledged library, the department impacts quality education.  To educate the students to meet out the growing demands for computer professionals in the dynamic IT industry. The department aims at providing technical experts with human value by involving them in social activities. The department provides a wide platform for young graduates to equip themselves in placement training, realistic case analysis, class room teaching, live projects and group discussion etc.

Vision & Mission

To create an excellent computer professionals for implementing real time applications according to the expectations of global standards and make them to involve in research activities towards the benefit of society. To enrich computer education for rural students, by enhancing knowledge and building confidence for facing global competitions.

To provide sufficient theoretical knowledge, technical skills in recent trends to the needs of students work in IT companies and Research area of computer science. To make them strong in interdisciplinary domains, understand the problems to give effective solutions. To inculcate the latest tools and technologies for software development to cope with current industrial needs.

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Head & Assistant Professor
Email iD : cshod.arts@mietarts.org
Contact No:90038 89706


Major Research Area

  • Artificial Intelligence & Neural Network
  • Bioinformatics
  • Bigdata Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Image Processing
  • Wireless Networking
  • Parallel Processing
  • Cloud Computing      
S.No Name Designation Status

Area of Research

1. Mr.P.Umasankar Assistant Professor Thesis Submitted Data Mining
2. Mr.M.Raja Mohammed Assistant Professor Confirmation Completed Big Data


Sibi Abraham International Conference on Cyber Security and E-Governance (on 14-Sep-2018) at Kodaikanal Christian College, Kodaikanal.
M.Raja Mohammed International Conference on Cyber Security and E-Governance (on 14-Sep-2018) at Kodaikanal Christian College, Kodaikanal.
M.Raja Mohammed International Conference on Cyber Security and E-Governance (on 14-Sep-2018) at Kodaikanal Christian College, Kodaikanal.
M.Raja Mohammed One Day International Seminar on Research Concepts in Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things (on 20th of March 2018) at School of Computer Science, Engineering and Applications, Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
M.Raja Mohammed Advance Mathematics & Algorithms in International Conference on Internet of Things (on 15-Sep-2017)at Kodaikanal Christian College, Kodaikanal. 


P.Umasankar Advanced Computing at JMC, Trichy on 15th March 2017
P.Umasankar State level Seminar on Recent trends in IT, Bharathidaasan University.
Sibi Abraham Frontier Research Areas in Computer Science at Bharathidasan University.
Sibi Abraham Advanced Computing held at Jamal Mohamed College.
A.Roghya Parveen Robotics In Aiman Arts & Science College, Trichy
M.Raja Mohammed Big Data Analytics through Cloud Computing (on 22-Feb-2019) at Loyola College, Chennai.
M.Raja Mohammed Android Application Development (on 27 & 28-March-2017) organized by Robokart in association with Innovation cell UMIC, IIT Bombay at Kodaikanal Christian College, Kodaikanal. 
M.Raja Mohammed ESSENTIAL TOOLSFOR QUALITY RESEARCH (on 11 may 2016)at Sri Venkateshwara Group of Institutions, Coimbatore. 
M.Raja Mohammed RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (WEKA & MATLAB) (on 2 & 3-Mar-2014)at Jamal Mohammed College, Trichy.
M.Raja Mohammed National Conference on Emerging Trends on Network Security (on 18-Sep-2013)at Kodaikanal Christian College, Kodaikanal.
M.Raja Mohammed National Conference on Global Networking (on 20-Sep-2008)at Kodaikanal Christian College, Kodaikanal.



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